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Philosophia: International Journal of Philosophy (PIJP) is published by the Philippine National Philosophical Research Society (PNPRS). It is published every January and June of each year.

Φιλοσοφια (Philosophia means “Love of Wisdom”) publishes articles that present all types of philosophical points of view. It is open to all branches of philosophy and all types of philosophical idiosyncrasies for as long as the arguments are rationally and logically presented. Thesis-oriented discursive papers are preferred. Basically, expository writings of a philosopher’s ideas should show—rather than simply assuming it impliedly—the significance of the exposition.

Authors are responsible for the accuracy of all quotations and for providing complete references. An abstract of not more than two hundred words, summarizing the thesis or intent of the article, should be appended along with the brief curriculum vitae of the author.  For multiple submissions, only one paper will be published every year. The medium of expression of the journal is English—American or British. Only the letters of the British-American alphabet, including the Spanish-Filipino will be accepted in the document text.

Authors of published articles in this journal are entitled to receive a copy of their respective published papers. They are, however, enjoined to become members of the Philippine National Philosophical Research Society (PNPRS) during the year their articles appear in the journal.

Philosophia is published both in print and online (open access). 

Rates of printed publication:
The foreign annual subscription rate (including mailing and handling) is US$120.00 for libraries and institutions. The local annual subscription rate for libraries and institutions is PhP1,700. Annual foreign individual membership to the Philippine National Philosophical Research Society is US$80.00 (including mailing and handling) while local membership fee is PHP1,000.00. Checks should be made payable to the Philippine National Philosophical Research Society, c/o The Philosophia Editor, or one can pay through the bank, Moneygram, Paypal, or the Western Union.

Philosophia is abstracted in ISI Web of Knowledge (Clarivate Analytics, formerly part of Thomson Reuters), Scopus (Elsevier), and The Philosopher’s Index. It is included in the ASEAN Citation Index Database, and EBSCO Database. It is listed in Ulrich’s International Periodicals Directory and in International Directory of Philosophy. The Philippine  Commission on Higher Education (CHED) certified the journal as Category  A-1 in 2012  and also awarded it with the Journal Incentive Program (JIP) Journal Challenge Grant in 2017.
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