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by Dr. Rolando M. Gripaldo

This paper traces the survival of a journal—Philosophia —in the process of ups and downs. It continued to do so and we hope it will go on to have a permanent niche in history.  (This was written in 2014 and was presented in the PNPRS National Conference in 2014. Dr. Griplado died in 2017. - Editor)

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DR. ROLANDO M. GRIPALDO: Former Editor and the Man Behind the Success of Philosophia 

     The further development and success of Philosophia cannot be separated from the career of the late Dr. Rolando M. Gripaldo. Dr. Gripaldo founded the Philippine National Philosophical Research Society (PNPRS) to support the publication of Philosophia. He worked hard to sustain the existence and continued publication of Philosophia.  He served as editor first as Managing Editor and then Editor-in-chief from 1997 until his death in 2017.

Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Gripaldo

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