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Ethics of Publication

Philosophia commits itself to the highest ethical standards in research and academic publication.  It is guided by the following principles:


Responsibilities of the Editorial Board


The Editorial Board receives and initially screens and reviews all submissions. These are then sent to external referees who are experts in the field of philosophy where the article falls for evaluation. The suggestions, comments and recommendation of the referees are then sent to the authors. It is the responsibility of the Editorial Board to accept, reject, or recommend a manuscript for revision and resubmission based on the recommendations of the external referees.  The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject a paper that violates legal provisions on libel, copyrights, and originality (plagiarism). Information regarding a manuscript under review must remain confidential until it is finally accepted for publication. 


Responsibilities of the Referee


The external referees of Philosophia are experts in their areas of specialization.  (See the Editorial Consultants at the Home Page) The external referees assist the Editorial Board in deciding whether to accept, reject, or revise and resubmit papers based on their objective assessments and recommendations.  It is the responsibility of an external referee to treat the submitted paper with utmost confidentially during the peer review process; it is also the responsibility of the referee to inform the Editorial Board when a legal violation by the author is suspected.  The evaluation of a paper must be based solely on its academic merit, scholarly rigor and strength or coherence of the argument and not on race, gender, sexuality, or religious and/or political orientation of the author.


Responsibilities of the Author

Authors are responsible for the accuracy of all quotations and for providing complete references. An abstract of not more than two hundred words, summarizing the thesis or intent of the article, should be appended along with the brief curriculum vitae of the author. Contributors should keep their own copies of all materials submitted. They should also include their respective email and exact mailing addresses. It is the responsibility of the author to prepare his/her manuscript for blind review.  It is also the author’s responsibility to make sure that his/her work is original and not plagiarized.  A paper submitted to Philosophia for review and publication consideration must not be submitted to another journal when it is currently under review by Philosophia otherwise he/she must inform the Editorial Board and the review process will be discontinued.

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